Our Mural project’s goal is to reach President Biden’s administration with our clear message of reminder to fulfill his campaign promise of bringing deported veterans Home, as well as preventing any veteran in the future to be deported. We are also reminding him of his promise

Of reuniting separated families.

The present message coming out of the White House, excludes immigration relief to our deported veterans as well as the reunification of families. Therefore it is imperative that

We voice our demands which can be accomplished by the following actions.

  • Issuing an Executive Order, ordering Department of Homeland Security to provide Admission into the USA of our deported veterans.
  • Enacting of H.R.563 The New Way Forward Act, with inclusion of amending 8 U.S.C 1101 (a) (22) to clearly state when a person takes the oath of enlistment(similar to oath of citizenship)that persons is proving their loyalty and allegiance to the constitution of the United States and should be considered a National if not a Citizen retroactive to completion of basic training. In the recent ACLU victory in Samma Vs DOD, stipulation reads DOD and DHS to implement policy to facilitate completion of citizenship process by the time person completes basic training.
  • We also advocate for policy to provide reunification of deported parents of US Citizen Children, whose right to family has been taken from them. These are children that are your children’s classmates, experiencing learning disabilities by the emotional as well As physiological, and suicidal tendencies due to the separation of family.
  • In the same manner we advocate for childhood arrivals, those taken to the USA at a very early age and after living most of their life in the USA, have been returned or deported to their country of birth, tearing them away from the only life they new in the USA.